Audio Mastering

SRT has a long history of mastering from the early days of cutting master discs for vinyl production, to being a pioneer of Digital Mastering for Compact Disc. The company was one of the first studios to embrace the revolutionary Sony 1630, as well as Analogue to Digital conversion systems and 20 Hz monitor systems, which in the early days of Digital technology enabled for the first time the full audio spectrum to be reproduced on the final consumer product. Many of today’s top engineers trained at SRT, which has four decades of history serving the Music Industry.

CD Mastering

Final preparing of EQ and PQ production masters and compilations for CD manufacture, either to PMCD Disc or DDP factory glass master ready digital masters.

Digital files

Any format of digital file to include MP3, FLAC and WAV files for iTunes, all Masters provided to Mastered for iTunes standard.


EQ production masters ready for Master Disc cutting. Vinyl digital masters prepared to take into account special requirements required for this analogue medium which is very different from the specification for compact disc or digital files.

Online Mastering

Source masters can be provided via the internet and delivered to clients and DDP masters direct to manufacturers.


Mastering equipment includes the hardware main frame TC Electronic System 6000.

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